Joining the CFA as a volunteer firefighter is an easy process.

However many questions have to be answered before you are able to make this important decision.
 Discuss with your family first. 

Remember, this is an emergency service. As a firefighter you may be exposed to dangerous situations. Take into consideration the commitment on time. Olinda is a volunteer station. All volunteers put in as much time as they can spare. However, you will be expected to attend training on a regular basis and turn out to calls which may be during the day or in the middle of the night.

The next step is to log on to the CFA website, find the Recruitment link and fill out the relevant form, this will be passed onto the nearest station to your address. Alternatively come down to the station and have a chat with one of the Officers. The best time at Olinda is 7.00pm on a Wednesday evening or 10.00am on Sunday mornings. If these times are not convenient, contact our Duty Officer on 0438 805 418.

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